Natural assets along political borders can only be conserved through cross-border co-operations. The co-operation in bird monitoring and conservation between BirdLife Hungary (MME), Transylvanian Carpathia Society Satu Mare (EKE) and Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR) goes back to the 1990s.

The general objective of the project is to ensure the favourable conservation status of cross-border important bird areas and to support the mana-gement of cross-border Natura 2000 sites. Specific objectives are to conduct general surveys on cross-border bird populations and to involve as many volunteers as possible in data collection.

However, an on-line database shared by the Partners and based on common data collection methods has not been developed so far, although it would make data collection and processing much more effective on both sides of the border. The establishment of such a database also provides easy-access opportunity for different key stakeholder groups. Through the development and management of a voluntary data collection network a great number of people can be involved in the implementation of project aims and activities.