Most important objective of the Project is to develop an on-line database which is suitable for tracking the changes of the natural assets of the Project area. We wish to achieve with the harmonization of the national monitoring programmes and through the strengthening of our volunteer network.

In order to make the data collection of the involved volunteers more precise and accurate we have purchased high quality equipments that are available through the County-coordinators.

Key conservation objectives:

  • monitoring the changes of common bird populations;
  • monitoring the populations of rare and colonial breeding birds;
  • regular waterbird census;
  • tracking the numbers of migrating and wintering birds along the Project area;
  • developing and operating an an-line data base for collecting and managing observation data.

Devices in the help of the field work of volunteers

  • hand GPS, track-logger GPS;
  • binoculars;
  • spotting scopes with tripods.